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at Plane Crazy, we believe that there’s something to be learned from everyone. life is basically a series of experiences and lessons learnt from the people you’re lucky enough to stumble upon.

today, we’re sharing with you the valuable lessons we’ve learnt from some amazing brands that we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and we hope to leave you as inspired as we were!

1. Sanitab

Sanitab, an effervescent disinfectant tablet that launched in response to the pandemic, believes in all things clean and clear. we don’t mean just the product they sell, but also the social media ideology they live and swear by.

a clean and simple Instagram grid helped Sanitab create a consistent brand image, while simultaneously conveying their values of simplicity, effectiveness and hygiene. in a way, the design of the grid mirrors the quality of the product.

the strategy is focused on providing followers with valuable information about the product - real facts and figures - something we’ve realised is much appreciated. another learning from Sanitab's social media is that a great way to build trust with customers is to showcase the use of the product by other companies and patrons of the brand.

2. Dryfix

a one-of-its-kind venture, Dryfix focuses on providing a consistent hair salon experience for its customers each time. the founders believe in the confidence you can achieve from having a good hair day, and want to share that feeling with everyone that walks into their hair styling club.

they stressed deeply on design, brand messaging and personality, which went on to influence their social media and the curated interiors in their branches.

Dryfix is a great example of selling a unique experience, and not just a random grooming service. our learning? a bespoke aesthetic goes a long way! (especially if you’re looking to expand your business, and get into franchising.)

3. BeAZt Mode

Aadit Zaveri created BeAZt Mode, a personal fitness brand that focuses on curating quarantine workouts. he calls himself a ‘professional squash player turned situational entrepreneur’ and his brand focuses on powerful workouts and regimental diets, taking a result based approach.

he lives by the mantra “never be afraid of what people might say.” what we learnt from Aadit is to always take yourself seriously, and remain consistent in order to achieve results.

4. Dr. Vaidya's

Dr. Vaidya’s is a tale of heritage, family, and all things close to the heart. rooted in the science of traditional Ayurveda, it reformulates and repackages Indian medical remedies for the modern consumer.

at Dr Vaidya’s, they ensure that all their content is informative as well as engaging. through a series of live sessions, Hindi and Hinglish content, they aim to become more relatable to every kind of consumer.

their hack at work? there’s none, says CEO Arjun Vaidya. he tells us that there’s no shortcut to success - you just have to give it your all. we completely agree!

however, what stands out is Arjun’s belief in the power of Ayurveda. through this live session, we learnt that just because a solution exists, it doesn't mean everyone will take to it. modern consumers need information presented to them in a specific way, and that's just what Dr. Vaidya’s has perfected.

5. Prerto

Prerto only reinstates something we’ve been hearing throughout our lives - to follow your passion, heart, and dreams. although founder Prerna Agarwal studied Computer Science, this didn’t deter her from breaking away from what was expected of her, and following her passion.

a luxury handcrafted jewellery brand, Prerto is based on carving one’s own path, and the brand uses its social media to sell this experience to its customers. Prerto has seamlessly accepted and adjusted to the fact that a strong online and digital presence is the only way to move forward in current times. through personal interaction with customers, influencer collaborations and a series of collections, they have come to understand that everyone's insight can be valuable. our key learning? rely on your instincts and go after what you want!

6. Olena Health

plant based nutrition? healthy superfoods? being the best version of you? yes please! Olena Health strives to educate its customers about plant proteins and nutrients that are extracted in a sustainable manner.

in order to attract customers and followers, they add value to their potential users' lives by providing accurate information, facts, and figures about the benefits of living a plant based life.

after heavy R&D, they’ve curated a range of products which they marketed through influencers, celebrities, and athletes. this helped build trust and reliability with the brand, taking its sales a notch higher.

our key takeaways:

1. create content that adds value to your audiences lifestyle
2. sell the experience, not just the service
3. believe in yourself and don’t worry about what people might say
4. give it your all - there is no hack to success
5. rely on your instincts and adapt quickly to changes

working with and learning from each of these brands has been an enthralling experience for us.

in some ways, we’ve grown with them.what have you learned from this article? did it add value to your day? let us know
here- we’d love to hear it.

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