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Sanitab is an effervescent disinfectant tablet used to fight viruses and pathogens. since the product was launched in response to the COVID19 pandemic, we worked on the creative strategy for Sanitab with the aim to invoke a sense of trust and calm.


building trust & earning credibility

in order to stand out from other disinfectants in the market, we created detailed illustrations to transform the brand messaging into a relatable experience for consumers.

this allowed the brand to express their many uses in an effective way, while simultaneously providing room for interpretation and imagination, which works to make the message more powerful. good design and strategy are just as important as good engineering!

through a series of videos, we showcased the use of Sanitab by various corporates to provide a transparent view of the efficacy of the product.

our colour palette of gradient royal blue, purple and teal has a soothing and calming effect, while also being associated with trust and transparency.

clean fonts such as Futura and Montserrat are used to amplify the brands commitment to hygiene and safe living.

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