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Radhey Group is a well known real estate development firm based in India.
we function as the marketing and design arm for their project in Karjat, Radhey Galaxy.

Radhey Group Hoarding Design


luxury within reach

the Radhey Group tagline indicates affordable luxury. in order to reflect this philosophy, all our designs and marketing collaterals ensure that we highlight the prime location and superior amenities of the project.

our aim was to keep all the marketing and design collaterals in sync with this philosophy.

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Radhey Group Plane Crazy

digital marketing

we approached the digital marketing for this project with two different goals in mind –
(i) generating leads
(ii) increasing brand awareness
the lead generation campaign employed a funnel approach where we started out by running awareness campaigns with a broad audience.
soon after, a targeted audience was developed based on the insights gained, and creatives showcasing the amenities of the project were pushed.

analysing the lead generations data collected, the target audience was further tweaked to achieve a higher quality of leads. this was accompanied by a simple lead collection process involving a two click submission form to gain an increased conversion rate.

Radhey Group Brochure Design
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