Olena by Plix

storyboard & animated launch video


beauty and health supplements for women

the challenge was to introduce the new product, Olena Supergreens, an effervescent tablet packed with the nutrition of 21 superfoods, to the audience without overwhelming them with information.
our team achieved this in the form of a dynamic animated product explainer video.


change the way you consume your greens.

keeping Olena’s mission in mind, the storyboard showcased fun and creative ways to convey all the necessary information, such as directions of use, product benefits and ingredients in a short amount of time in order to grab and retain the consumer’s attention.

the use of real images and a rich green worked to instil a sense of confidence in the product, and assure the consumers that Olena Supergreens is natural and nourishing for the body.

our team worked on animations in a 3D plane and played around with shadows and kinetic typography, where the motion of text is used to express ideas and invoke emotions.

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