Nykaa Fashion

social media engagement strategy
AR filter

Nykaa Fashion, launched in 2018, is a curated and managed marketplace with an aim to inspire their consumers to make fashion and lifestyle choices that best suit them.


Like a Sibling

as part of Nykaa’s celebration for Raksha Bandhan, we created a randomiser filter that engages the audience. the filter suggests situations that users are encouraged to react to.

once given the prompt, users are asked to make an expression based on the prompt. 

Pink Friday Party

the annual Pink Friday Party Sale is the most sought after event of the year. to gamify the e-commerce experience, we created a Pink Friday Party filter for users to utilise when shopping online.

we thematically positioned it as a party, with neon signs and all things pink to enhance the excitement of the sale. this was key to building hype for the event, as influencers and brand ambassadors used it on social media platforms to communicate information about the sale. 

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