Nykaa Beauty

social media engagement strategy
AR filter

with over 2400 brands Nykaa beauty offers a well curated selection of makeup, skincare, haircare, bath and body, fragrance, grooming appliances, personal care, and health and wellness products. they aim to redefined the art of e-retailing beauty and personal care in India.

Masaba x Nykaa
Ultimate Best Friend Randomiser 

fashion designer Masaba Gupta is famous for her colourful approach to the craft in both literal and metaphorical ways of speaking. in collaboration with Nykaa Beauty, she co-created a line with Nykaa to bring out the statement, empowering and feel-good essence of her brand. the collection of Nail enamels and lipsticks are classic and traditional, but all encompass Masaba’s classic whimsical twist. 

The Face I Make When My Ultimate Best Friend....

we created an AR filter to enhance the experience of sharing moments with your best friend. the filter allowed you to try the lipstick, which asked ‘The Face when my Best Friend’: does not take my advice, has a new crush, is about to spill the tea; encouraging the user to share their facial expression and boost engagement by tagging their best friend.


All That You Love
the unapologetic relationship every Nykaa woman has with her beauty products

to promote Nykaa’s ‘All That You Love’ sale, we ideated and created a filter that encourages users to capture images and videos of the makeup products that they love!

following Nykaa’s branding elements and colours, we created a filter with a simple skin smoothing effect, a subtle glitter shower and a camera frame. this was an interactive way to personally engage with the audience.  

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