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Krsala Jewellery is known for its one of a kind, heritage jewellery revival and exquisite design. based in Hyderabad, they aim to encapsulate the royal, luxurious touch of the Mughal era into their design for the modern woman.


house of couture jewellery

we worked with the Krsala team to redefine the brand personality and develop a visual identity that would appeal to modern women.

we began by segmenting the jewellery into their own individual ranges to create a clear distinction for the customer to relate with.

we brought in homogeneity and an aesthetically appealing vibe on social media by maintaining a colour scheme and including animations in our posts. a sense of genuinity was brought in with the help of our 'client diaries series' where real people shared their experience with the brand.

Krsala Jewellery PhotographyKrsala Jewellery PhotographyKrsala Jewellery Photography


we highlighted the intricacies of their craftsmanship by showing the entire process of jewellery making - from the initial design sketch to soldering gold.
we went behind the scenes and secured footage of their artisans hard at work in the heart of Zaveri Bazaar. this has helped build a sense of transparency and trust for the brand.

the hand drawn jewellery sketches emphasise the beauty and luxury of the custom made pieces.
these social media creatives highlight the process and inspiration behind certain designs, and show the finished product from sketch to reality.

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