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itti is a range of conscious cleaning products, on a mission to revolutionise the hygiene and cleaning industry. big advocates of the clean (and green) feeling, itti is the game changer in our everyday routine.


itti bitti fun,
itti bitti clean,
itti bitti green.

when it comes to cleaning, and cleaning products - it is often a bore. hence, with itti it was essential we take a more fun approach that would resonate with their audience whilst keeping in mind their pillars of sustainability and efficiency. previously known as sanitab, the brand had already caught the attention of the Indian youth in the age of Covid-19.

after a successful rebrand and a re-launch on social media, our aim is to make itti the much-needed product for every household in India. 

using creativity, clever and witty copywriting, we aim to build trust, credibility, and reliability between the brand and its consumers. showcasing the brand’s quirky, fun, and conscious personality through effective graphic design and photographs is what we trust will stand for the product’s efficacy and transparency.

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