Fulcrum Awards

event branding & video animations


the Fulcrum Awards, India's premier PR awards show, was expanding their annual event, with new award categories and increased fanfare. in order to reflect this change, they wanted a brand refresh that positioned them as contemporary and relevant in the dynamic PR Industry.

Fulcrum Awards Event Branding


we started by updating their logo. smooth curves replaced the previous angular design to increase the usability – both in print and digitally. the original brand colours of gold and silver were retained but applied with a more vibrant approach.

Fulcrum Awards Branding
Fulcrum Awards Branding
Fulcrum Awards Branding


Fulcrum Awards Branding

we took over the overall design conceptualisation of the online creatives that preceded the event and the stage design during the event.

we edited and animated a set of introductory videos and designed the award result presentation. all creatives were created with an idea to enforce the requested positioning of the awards as the leading organisation for recognition in the PR industry. the updated design became the mainstay of the branding, giving the function the contemporary aesthetic it desired.

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