Eta Contemporary

visual identity and language, end to end branding


eta is a house of Indian designer labels for young individuals looking for fresh Indian designers with unique styles, modern and contemporary looks.


crafting eta's identity through end-to-end branding

eta is a creative and inclusive retail space located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat - featuring experimental collections from the fashion industry’s most distinctive and bodacious designers.

through the creation of their social media handles, brand bio and brand assets (such as: logo, brand patterns, tone of voice, etc.), we shed light on eta's contemporary yet sophisticated aesthetic.

eta is more than a store. it is a feeling of individuality and self expression through fashion. we crafted eta's brand identity and assets to reflect just that.

eta's logo was created using a minimal, stylised font, which depicts the uniqueness & individuality of their consumers' taste.

the typeset symbolises the bold yet effortless fashion styles which will be part of the eta collection. the interconnected letters show the coming together of various Indian designers to create a youthful, modern collection.

the eta palette is representative of its edgy, youthful and earthy nature. although it is comprised of contrasting colours, they still manage to come together in a trendy yet calming manner. the colours can be further categorised to compliment the upcoming collections per season.

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