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S4S Technologies is a new age food preservation company that invents food processing machines.
they use solar powered dehydrators to make  high quality healthy products.
some of these products are sold under a proudly Indian brand called Desi Videsi.


the desi touch

in order to depict the advanced technology used to make the chips and their many health benefits, we created a visual identity for Desi Videsi within a modern yet playful design aesthetic.
loud and bright colours maintain the “desi” touch consistently across the collaterals and packaging design.

Desi Videsi Packaging
Desi Videsi Packaging
Desi Videsi Packaging

creative strategy

Desi Videsi Chips Packaging

make it pop!

Desi Videsi empowers farmers across India by helping them convert post harvest losses into dehydrated products.

the brand identity and core values were highlighted using illustrations of farmers at the back of the packaging. the illustrations tell the story of how the chips are made using advanced technology like the solar powered dehydrators.
this functions to give the consumer insights into how the product is made - using fresh farm ingredients, hand made with love by Indian women farmers.

the copy narrating the illustrations are in "Hinglish" - a mix of Hindi and English, which brings out Desi Videsi’s playful tone of voice and quirky vibe.

the Desi Videsi Fruit Pops range launched with three initial flavours- Imli, Amla and Kaccha Aam.
since the product was extremely small in size, the text and illustrations were designed to be easily identifiable and legible.

the striking colours used for the Fruit Pops packaging, as well as the offbeat and quirky marketing collaterals helped this range stand out from its competitors.

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