CJ Shah Group

web design & development


with over 60 years of expertise, CJ Shah is the leading chemical distribution company in India on a mission to curate a one-stop solution for all chemical needs along with world-class customer service


Providing quality products since 1961

a family-run business spanning over four generations, CJ Shah & Co. is popular amongst its clients for their quality products, expertise, innovation, and prestige.while their website was effective in showing their rich heritage, it was extensive and complicated to use. our goal was to simplify their information through crisp copywriting and effective design for viewers to be able to navigate the site more easily.

the information was dissected and organised within categories to give their audience all the necessary details about the business. with the help of effective UI and UX design, the website was further simplified to add a crisp, clean feel as well as to highlight their outstanding customer service.

for a company with over a thousand products, and 60 years of expertise, it was essential to highlight quality and trust when bringing their website to life.

Logo Redesign

The elements of the CJ Shah logo held significant brand recall. Hence, we chose to retain the defining features of the logo whilst giving it a sharper, cleaner feeling.