Brew Whale

custom GIPHY stickers


since its inception in 2019, boutique craft brewery Brew Whale has been serving the finest craft beers, each with a distinctive taste and personality, curated for beer lovers across the country.

two good to be true

the limited edition brew

for the occasion of Brew Whale's second anniversary, they launched a special brew to celebrate this milestone: The Second Anniversary Limited Edition Brew - Two Good To Be True.

we created this packaging label to celebrate their anniversary, while keeping their recurring aquatic theme in mind.

to set this label apart from their other packaging labels, we used a bold yet minimal approach to their design by incorporating two contrasting colours and illustrations depicting a celebration of Brew Whale Beer.


stickers for their new Endangers Sea-ries launch

to elevate Brew Whale’s branding, we created a series of custom GIPHY stickers for their new Endangers Sea-ries launch. As advertising laws for alcohol do not permit promotions / contests on social media, this was a perfect addition to their PR launch and helped them engage with their audience in a unique way.

using their brand elements such as colours, icons and their logo, the customers were able to interact with the brand and share their revved up Instagram stories.
a great way to increase their brand awareness, the stickers covered popular themes with an additional branding plug.
the stickers have now garnered over 600K views!  

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