What's Your Pet's Peeve?

Illustrated and Animated Campaign

This year, we’ve spent more time at home than ever before, and sometimes it gets the best of us! The plethora of time that we’re spending at home has most certainly gotten the best of our pets too!

While our coping mechanisms involve home workouts, baking, ‘Pet-stagrams’ and what-nots, our pets’ coping mechanisms are definitely something to talk about!Plane Crazy gives you an exclusive sneak-peek into the inner workings of your pet’s brain, and how they really feel about being holed up with their human – endlessly!

#1 – The Capricious Kitty
Rare spurts of love and frequent bursts of ignorance are typical cat behaviours that all cat humans are used to. The quarantine riddled cat has had just about enough of you for a good while now – and she’d rather be cosily cuddled in a box – alone!

Can’t you just go back to work already?!

#2 – The Warm Woofer
The pandemic puppy is thriving! Spending every minute of every day with you is just about the best thing to have happened to your dog. There’s never an invasion of your puppy’s personal, because your puppy is constantly in yours! (And you love it!)

#3 – The Poetic Parrot
This boisterous bird is always the first one to reiterate anything obscene you’ve ever uttered. What’s surprising is that it never remembers any of the many, many nice things you’ve said. Leave it to your bird to remember all the mean things you’ve said to siblings, all the rude comments you’ve made about your boss, and all the regrettable remarks about your SO’s cooking. Yikes!

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