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Customised Instagram Stickers

Forget Trying to Stand Out, Its Time to Stick Out On Instagram

With an increase in Instagram users, and online platforms - brands have jumped onto social media to promote their products and services online. As of January 2020, there are nearly 1 billion active users on Instagram and about 70% of them search for brands on the app.

So how do you, as a business, stand out on social media? Apart from regular posts, engaging content and a consistent aesthetic, we believe a great way to engage with your audience is through Instagram’s GIPHY Stickers! 

What are GIPHY Stickers?

GIPHY stickers are quick dynamic videos, usually with 2-3 frames and transparent backgrounds. They are popularly used on Instagram and Snapchat to animate and add some interesting elements to your snap or story.

Why Do Brands Use Them?

Instagram’s stickers are a great way to engage with your audience and catch their attention. It’s a great tool to interact, build anticipation and to create a relationship with your followers. Moreover, you can also create your own branded GIPHY stickers to further personalise your stories, bring in consistency, and add personality to your business. An indirect form of marketing and can be a quick, convenient way to brand your content on the app itself. The stickers can also be used by your followers which adds value to your community. 

Social Media Marketing is ever-changing and brands need to discover new ways to keep their audiences entertained as well as appeal to new customers. Providing your audience with these personalised tools not only allows them to interact with your brand, but also empowers them to use your creativity with ease. 

There are no limits to what you can create. They could be your brand’s logo, your products or even elements that show off your brand’s personality or tell your audience what your brand is about. GIPHY brand stickers also provide you with trackable data which shows your most used stickers. This can be used to gather insights about what the audience is searching, what they are interested in most and what appeals to them. With the use of relevant hashtags, it allows for a wider reach of the audience. Moreover, the GIPHY sticker pack can be used across various platforms - like WhatsApp GIFs, Facebook Stories, Twitter GIFs and Website/Blog embedding.

Starbucks used their GIPHY sticker pack to promote the sustainability aspect of their business. The cute Gifs are able to fit in seamlessly into user stories which adds to their customer experience out-of-store.

We created our own personalised Plane Crazy Gifs that brought out our work environment and 'crazy' personality. Plane Crazy’s Gifs are simple, quirky and to the point. Although they are exclusive to us, they can be generic enough to fit into your work stories! 

So what are you waiting for?

Make your brand stick out on Instagram. Get in touch with us to create your own personalised branded GIPHY stickers now.

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