The Auri Collective

content strategy, brand imagery
graphics & animation


luxury home decor and gifting label


creating scroll-stopping and unique social media content

at the Auri Collective, you can find limited edition pieces, glamorous home accessories and luxurious soft furnishings that aim to improve the aesthetic quality of your life.

in order to convey this message and stand out from other luxury home decor labels, we created an engaging social media feed to depict the usability of each product. the home decor accessories were given a story and animated to show context.

to elevate the branding, we used the Auri colour palette, pattern and logo on objects that they very obviously do not sell, such as popcorn, take away noodles and a fire extinguisher. this worked to create a scroll-stopping moment of surprise and entertain the audience.

through a series of interactive product quizzes and gifting suggestions we were able to showcase Auri’s one of a kind products as a must-have in any home, while also being associated with luxury and quality.

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